Catering For Bonfires & Barbecues

Bonfires and Barbecues

So summer is over but that doesn’t mean that our catering teams stop working. On the contrary, autumn and winter can be some of the busiest times in our calendar and also presents us with our one of our most exciting seasonal celebrations.

Preparing for any event is always an exciting time for the West Midlands Catering team, but one of our favourite times of year definitely has to be Bonfire Night.

We’re not sure of the exact reasons why we love it so much but as the nights get cooler and people start to wrap up warm, so their appetite for good quality, freshly cooked food increases & this is where we come into our own.

There can’t be many better things for young and old than turning up to an organised display of fireworks with a roaring bonfire, laughter and excitement in the air and the aroma of flame grilled food wafting over the venue, and more often than not that’s precisely where you’ll find many of our catering partners, serving up delicious, freshly prepared food to scores of hungry visitors.

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re always kept so busy at these events that gives us such enjoyment but then again, it could be the very food that we’re providing which offers the biggest attraction. Traditional fayre at these events is likely to consist of some of the nation’s true favourites and we’ve a sneaking suspicion that the tastes and smells emanating from our barbecue stalls provide just the right balance for a cold winter’s night.

So what are the most popular foods at our bonfire night events?

You’d be right in thinking that Hot Dogs and Burgers are still the firm favourites but we are increasingly finding that Pulled Pork is high on the list of requests and its little wonder when our free range meat is seasoned, slow-cooked for several hours and served with homemade apple sauce as the perfect accompaniment.

Hog roasts are also becoming a very popular option at bonfires, again providing diners with top quality free-range pork and delicious fresh floury baps and because our service now offers the facility to hire our equipment, it means that our customers can cater their own events or sit back and let us do the hard work.

Of course, barbecues make up just a small proportion of our available catering options but we feel that good quality, hot food is the perfect partner for bonfires, fireworks and a cold winter’s night.

If the thought of all of this delicious food has set your taste buds alight, why not give the team at West Midlands Catering a call or send an email and you never know, we may see you at your next Bonfire Night event.

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